Otium, n. (Latin) leisure

OTM’s inception was sparked after a leisurely day on the Riviera, spending sun-fueled hours between beach and boat, only to find an entire bags worth of melted products by sunset. 

Fashion designer and founder, Alana Hale, set out to create a best in class cosmetic bag for those that take the art of leisure and beauty seriously. 

Hale’s creative background and honed knowledge of materials led her to design a collection that gives you the best of both worlds without compromise: relaxed sun-soaked days and pristine integrity of your beauty products. 

OTM seduces with its sleek lines, combining timeless glamour with modern function in the palm of your hand. In an exceptional detail of distinction, OTM’s trademarked Pristinium™ lining shields with its heat resistant, radiant barrier technology, allowing your coveted beauty products to remain at a safe temperature and in pristine condition.

 Timeless Glamour with Modern Function.

Inspired by the spirit of the South of France in the early 60s and its infatuation with Jetset glamour, OTM is an expression of a stylish life of leisure.